Leadership Unlimited Visits Catalyst Life Services

This year’s Leadership Unlimited class visited Catalyst Life Services with the topic of Wellness!  It was an impactful experience and Catalyst was able to share the variety of ways they offer support on an individual’s journey to Wellness.

Harry Donahue, CEO & President welcomed these leaders to Catalyst Life Services.

Mitch Jacobsen, Director of Vocational Services, provided the class with a tour of Progress Industries’ industrial workshop which employs individuals with disabilities and serves the manufacturing community of Richland County with cost-effective production solutions. Mitch discussed the importance of assisting individuals with barriers to employment and how our vocational department put over 500 people to work last year.

Laura Montgomery, VP of Human Resources and Housing Services, was able to speak about the Housing First Philosophy.  Housing First is an approach that offers permanent, affordable housing for individuals and families experiencing homelessness, and then provides the supportive services and connections to the community-based supports people need to keep their housing and avoid returning to homelessness. For more information on Housing First: Click Here


Erin Schaefer, Director of Operations, and Elaine Surber, Associate Director and Director of New Beginnings Drug and Alcohol Services, were able to provide a demonstration on the 8 dimensions of wellness and how implementing the Eight Dimensions of Wellness part of daily life can improve mental and physical health for people with mental and/or substance use disorders. For more information on the eight dimensions of wellness: Click Here

No matter where you are in life, there’s always room for improvement. At Catalyst Life Services, we serve people at every stage of life. We work toward the total health of ALL the people in our region, in ALL parts of their lives: body, mind and spirit. We are an agent of change guiding the people we serve to lead more fulfilling lives.

Below is our success stories of an individual who has gone through all of Catalyst’s programs and his experience back to wellness.

Catalyst has partnered with TIROCC, which is Trauma Informed Recovery Oriented Community of Care and represents the growth and expansion of the previous Recovery Oriented System of Care. Back in 2015, the Richland County Mental Health & Recovery Board collaborated with L, Harrison, who is a specialist in implementing organization in the process of Trauma-Informed care, both internally and externally. We at Catalyst were involved in the process of being assessed on how we currently operate when it comes to a trauma. Our assessment helped us to develop a strategic plan to help address the areas where we need to improve or change, but to, also, help us understand what areas we are excelling in. This collaboration helped us to identify where we have grown in trauma-informed awareness, improvements in the process, relational interactions, services development, and cross-provider partnerships.

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