Thank you to our Therapists!

As we wrap up the last day of Mental Health Month, we wanted to say how grateful we are to our wonderful therapists!

“Even in the midst of this pandemic, whether working from the office or from home, the therapists are still providing the their services and support to the clients to help manage the crisis and symptoms that Covid-19 may be causing for those that we serve. The therapists here at Catalyst provide great client care. I am very grateful to be working with such great staff!”

Nicole Kimble,

Adult Mental Health Program Director

“Working on the front lines, our therapists remain resilient in the face of the unknown.  They recognize mental health can’t be an afterthought for people. They work tirelessly to help people cope with their mental health and substance use issues.  They have utilized numerous telehealth options in order to stay connected with their clients who’s social support systems have been crippled by the pandemic.  For people in crisis, or those who need detox services and residential care, our therapists don a mask and provide services to our most vulnerable.  We are grateful for their compassion and commitment to quality care.” 

Elaine Surber,

Executive Vice President, New Beginnings Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services Director

 “I am so proud of the children’s therapists for their dedication and bravery in supporting their clients and families through such a difficult time!  I have seen no one flinch, and have been amazed at the ideas, creativity and energy shown in working with the children and families of this community!” 

Paul Hasenauer, Child & Adolescent Team Leader