Progress Industries Shop Assistant/Industrial Driver

Mansfield, Ohio

Under general supervision, the shop assistant works directly with the shop manager to increase the efficiency of the operations of the shop. As the Industrial Driver, the driver transports materials between Progress Industries and local contracts. The individual will also perform the following duties:

*Adheres to agency policies and procedures.

*Prepares and maintains records, including daily driving records, Incident/Accident/Safety

reports as needed, vehicle safety inspection checklist, gasoline, oil and repair receipts

and submits promptly to supervisor.

*Maintain interior and exterior cleanliness of vehicles, and monitor vehicle fluid levels.

*Set up work stations and modify for individual clients as necessary. Ensure all work sites

are clean and safe.

* Ensure compliance with daily production requirements as well as all applicable regulations

and standards.

*Communicate with customers and ensure we meet delivery needs.

*Prepare and receive shipments.


* Ability to read, write and follow written and oral directions

* Valid Ohio Drivers license with an acceptable driving record and current vehicle insurance

* Physical strength required to assist clients, lift and carry necessary equipment in and out of agency vehicles.

* Successful completion of ODOT physical to obtain driving certificate.

*An individual who poses a direct threat to the health and safety of himself/herself or others in the workplace will be deemed not qualified for the position.

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